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About this website

This website contains details of extended warranties offered by the providers listed below. Please note that this website does not contain details of all extended warranty providers or products and it does not include details of those extended warranties where there is a single price for the electrical goods and extended warranty combined - click here for more information.

Currys and Argos have agreed that they will maintain this website.

You may use this website to compare offers from the participating providers in accordance with these terms and conditions. Each extended warranty provider is only responsible for information which it provides about its own warranties. If you have a complaint about information which has been displayed on this website, you should contact the relevant extended warranty provider directly.

The importance of comparing extended warranties

When you buy any type of goods in the UK the law provides you with consumer rights to ensure that you have protection and redress in the event that something goes wrong. However, with electrical goods there may be the option to supplement your statutory consumer rights by buying an Extended Warranty which provides additional protection and in some cases extra services too. Before buying an extended warranty, you may wish to compare extended warranty products and providers as this may help you find the best solution for your needs.

Compare Extended Warranties is a free-to-use, comparison service that allows customers to gain an insight into some of the extended warranties available. Whether you are looking to compare warranties on cameras, cookers, laptops or washing machines, Compare Extended Warranties can help. Popular TV extended warranty comparisons, for example, come in all shapes and sizes but one quick search will uncover useful information such as the duration, price, loan product availability or product health checks.

For more advice on your rights visit the Citizens Advice Consumer Service.

Key points

  • Extended Warranties are optional – you don’t have to buy one
  • You might already be protected – you have statutory rights, and products typically come with a manufactures guarantee. Your Household insurance may also provide some protection too
  • If you do buy one, it doesn’t have to be when you buy your product, you will still be able to take out a warranty for a limited time after your purchase.
  • There might be better options out there – so shop around for the best deal
  • If you do buy one, you have the right to cancel it.

Nothing in this website shall constitute an offer which is capable of acceptance and nothing in this website is an invitation or inducement to buy any contract of insurance, but if and to the extent any can be construed as such, then the relevant provider has approved it for the purposes of section 21 Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. The original agreement to maintain the website was between the Competition and Markets Authority’s predecessor, the Office of Fair Trading and Argos, Comet and Curry’s.

Extended warranty providers listed:

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